Lunchbox Notes Outerspace

Lunchbox Notes Outerspace

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Set of 10 cards with fun facts about outer space

2" x 3.5"


"Astronauts Are A Little Taller In Outer Space"

"If You Cry In Space, Your Tears Won't Fall"

"You Can't Burp In Space"

"When Two Pieces Of Metal Touch In Space They Stick Together Permanently"

"If You Could Drive Straight Up, You Could Be In Outer Space In Less Than An Hour"

"If You Had A Big Enough Swimming Pool, Saturn Would Float"

"The Tallest Mountain Known To Man Is On Mars. It's Over Two And A Half Times Taller Than Mount Everest"

"The Earth Traveled More Than 5,000 Miles In The Last 5 Minutes"

"The Footprints That Astronauts Left On The Moon Will Stay There Forever"

"Scientists Believe It Rains Diamonds On Neptune And Uranus"