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Your choice of Christmas card! 

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Bourbon Beard Oil:

  • Tame your bristly beard with Little Seed Farm Bourbon Beard Oil. Daily use softens hair, moisturizes skin and keeps your beard fresh all day!

  • No animal testing, gluten free, gmo free, paragon free, sulfate free, preservative free.

  • Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, organic argan oil, organic jojoba oil, organic orange, cedar wood, and vetiver essential oils, vanilla extract, and non gmo vitamin E.

Bourbon Goat Milk Soap:
  • Bourbon bar body, shampoo + shaving bar, warm and woodsy.

  • Little seed farm farmstead milk soaps are sustainably crafted, gentle, nourishing, and free of artificial perfumes, dyes, and preservatives. 

  • Formulated for sensitive skin with organic & natural ingredients. 

  • GMO free - gluten free - paragon free - no animal testing

  • Made in Lebanon, TN

  • Ingredients: saponified virgin organic olive oil and organic coconut oil, grass-fed goat's milk, belle meade bourbon, sodium hydroxide, organic orange, cedarwood and vetiver essential oils, vanilla extract


If you would like this gift bundle sent directly to the recipient, simply send us the message you would like to include with the package. We will include a printed version in the card and cover shipping to send it to the recipient! Make sure to include your name so they know who the package is from!

If you send it directly make sure when filling out shipping information, enter the name and address of the person you are sending this gift bundle to.